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WELCOME to the home page for the Goodhind Family in America!

If you are re-visiting us, please check out  What's New?  for the lastest news about the family and this website!

Hopefully, you've stopped by because you are a Goodhind ...or perhaps you married a Goodhind ...or perhaps there is a Goodhind in your family tree.  Whatever the reason, we're glad you're here!!

There's so much to tell you!  

You may not be aware of it but the Goodhinds originally came from Great Britain.  The English branches of the family are still going strong.   But of course, in this global community, there are by now Goodhinds throughout the world.  There is even at least one branch of the family in Australia!  But if you are a Goodhind descendant born in New England, you are very likely to be descended from one of five brothers who immigrated here back in the mid-1800's.   That said, I should also note that we have made contact with at least one other Goodhind family branch in America that is not directed connected to our family.  We have a separate page here about these  Floridian cousins.  Just follow the link on the sidebar to the left.

The purpose of this web site is to give you information about our immediate ancestors, our living relatives and our collective heritage.  We have quite a family!  We also hope that this site will prove a 'rallying point' for family members to share family history, stories, photos and reminiscences amongst each other.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Timothy Goodhind of Sunderland, Massachusetts.  My mother was Charlotte Elizabeth Goodhind, a third generation American Goodhind.  It is my pleasure to master this web site.

From the outset, I want to let you know that I am just a caretaker, overseeing the grounds here, so to speak.  A lot of family members have made the information presented here possible and I want to recognize them: 

Our cousin, Liz Banas of Belchertown, MA, cousin Cindy Palmer of Southampton, MA, and cousin Alan Goodhind of West Springfield, MA have contributed many hours to research, to phone calls and to 'field trips' as we have collected information.  You can read how we came together by selecting this link (Your Authors).  Without their hard work and efforts, we would not have this site. 

The primary source for much of the material in this web site came from the late ALICE MARSH SPERL, a third generation American Goodhind (and amateur genealogist)  who spent much of her early life in Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  You can find out more about Alice and her incredible legacy to us all by selecting her name from the sidebar on the left.  

We want to thank our very dear cousin, DAVID GOODHIND of Great Britain, for his continuing interest and support.  He has been a vital link to our family remaining in England.  You can find out more about David by choosing this link (Cousins in England).

We also need to acknowledge with gratitude our cousin REV. MALCOLM McQUEEN of Texas.  Malcolm has provided a great deal of information about the Goodhinds in England, as well as providing some fascinating details about papermaking in the 19th century.  He is descended from William and Ann's eldest son, WILLIAM.

And we further thank our cousin VALERIE WRIGHT of Great Britain for her ongoing contributions to this website. Valerie is descended from William and Ann's youngest daughter, ELIZABETH.

You can navigate this site in a couple of ways.  I would first suggest that you select Notes to the Reader to understand a couple of rules I have used in posting information on this website.  You can use the sidebars to move quickly from page-to-page.  Or you can see a site  overview by selecting Site Map.  You can also choose the Index of People to find a person you know and then work backwards to his or her parents, then backwards again to grandparents, and so on.

Or if you'd rather, you can start your journey with WILLIAM GOODHIND & ANN NORMAN, our English forebearers.  

Most importantly, we like to hear from YOU!  So PLEASE, don't leave yet!  Take a few moments and read on.

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